About Us

In 1864, Granjard was a French family firm specialising in pure household linens and damask tablecloths for private individuals.

Today, GRANJARD is still based in Panissières, in the Loire department of France, and is pursuing its 154-year-old passion for constant innovation by creating products that meet the requirements of local authorities, social housing and tourist accommodations.

GRANJARD is well-known in its various markets through its different brands:

GRANJARD also owns two sales subsidiaries, TGTS, in Spain and ROBBERECHTS, in Belgium.

TGTS uses the group's knowledge and expertise to create a specially adapted offer for the Spanish market. Its special team of Spanish employees provides an optimum service from order through to delivery, in terms of both sales and technical support.

The GRANJARD fibres story...


The Granjard company is created, specialising in pure and damask linens.


Business begins to focus on residential health-care facilities. The company creates its first innovative mattress-protector.


Granjard develops a range of flame-retardant furnishing fabrics (classified M.1) meeting the prevailing standards for public places.


The company introduces a comprehensive collection of workwear for health-care professionals. The household linen range is extended to include mattresses.


A nationwide sales network is created.


The company sets up AVERA, a new garment production workshop, which now employs 155 staff. Its core business is making workwear for the health and social care sector (tunics, overalls, trousers, aprons, etc.): 15,000 to 20,000 items are produced in the workshop every week.


Granjard improves logistics performance by introducing integrated storage units. Production is automated and quality control is implemented in the laboratory.


A new range of products for the nursery sector is introduced, under the brand name CENTEX. The company's first collection of work footwear is created.


Buildings at the Panissières (42) head office are extended, new storage zones acquired and logistics platform computerised. A collection of textiles for health and well-being in the home is created, under the brand name HTEX, with a network of 450 independent distributors.


A sales subsidiary is set up in Spain: TGTS. To consolidate imports sourced in distant countries, Granjard creates a weaving and garment production unit in India, QUALIDIS, fully owned by the group.


The company adheres to the Fibre Citoyenne programme introduced by the NGO YAMANA, thereby taking on board sustainable development issues, in line with ISO 26000 social responsibility guidelines.


A new brand is developed specialising in customised hotel furnishings: www.etoffesetdeclinaisons.fr


GRANJARD celebrates its 150th birthday! Sales of its 3 major product lines — health and social care workwear, household linens (bedlinens, kitchen linens and towels) and furnishing fabrics for decorating hotels and other establishments — have made it a leading player in the local authority and residential contract marketplace.


The Group's first online sales platform (for the nursery sector) is launched: https://www.centex.fr/ Thanks to the commitment of its teams in Tunisia, the AVERA garment production workshop achieves ISO 9001:2015, certification following its first audit, on 23 November 2017, relative to production of textiles, including clothing.